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Wednesday bible study will resume 
Sep 6 at 7:00 PM
Thank you for visiting our WebSite. We hope that it will prove to be a source of information for all who are seeking to know The Lord Jesus Christ. We also hope that the site will be useful in helping you find your place in your daily walk with The Savior.

Here you will find some things concerning God, some things concerning East Tipp Baptist, its ministries, and scheduled events. Following your visit here, we invite you to join us in worship and we hope that you will contact us soon.

Our message to you is:

God loves us!!!

He desires to be a part of our daily lives!!!!

Sin prevents that close walk with God!!!

God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to erase our sins!!!

We can have this close walk with God by repenting of our sin, confessing Jesus as Lord of our lives, and believing that His death, burial, and resurrection has given us freedom over sin!!!!

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Why go to Church?
  • A place for all kinds of people                                       
  • A place to lift your perspective
  • A place to help you discover God
  • A place to help you discover yourself
  • A place to help you discover God’s Word
  • A place that offers crucial support
  • A place to recoup from Life’s stresses
  • A place to bless you with mentoring friends
  • A place to ask Questions about God and Jesus
  • A place for people on a journey
  • A place A place to recieve and patience
  • A place to gather strength for the week
  • A place to adjust your focus
  • A place to equip you with supportive friends