Sunday School: 9:00
Refreshments: 10:00
Worship Service: 10:45
Welcome to East Tipp! What makes this moment holy is not you reading about a community of faith or entertaining religious thoughts. What makes this and every other aspect of you life sacred is that you share with God. East Tipp Baptist Church exists to help anyone and everyone live out this truth. Toward the end we must seek four things:
  • A place where you can gather with others in Worship
  • A Place where you can learn to imitate Jesus Christ
  • A Place where you can discover and embrace your Spirit-fueled  ministry
  • A place where you can have your relationship with God enriched
Explore this web site or contact us directly to learn
about how our church family can enrich your life.
GalactiC Starveyors is the theme for 2017 VBS. Click here for more information and to register.
Super Jam Camp at Highland Lakes is
July 18 – 22.
Students who have completed grades 7 – 12 will discover and develop the creative gifts that God has given them.  They will be challenged to purify their efforts to focus more fully on glorifying God, becoming His special instruments, set apart for Him. To find more on the camp and scholarships please click here.
Why go to Church?
  • A place for all kinds of people                                       
  • A place to lift your perspective
  • A place to help you discover God
  • A place to help you discover yourself
  • A place to help you discover God’s Word
  • A place that offers crucial support
  • A place to recoup from Life’s stresses
  • A place to bless you with mentoring friends
  • A place to ask Questions about God and Jesus
  • A place for people on a journey
  • A place A place to recieve and patience
  • A place to gather strength for the week
  • A place to adjust your focus
  • A place to equip you with supportive friends