The youth Leader is Joe Puetz.
To contact him to get more information on the youth Please phone/text or email- 586-0996
It’s a whole new experience! What do I mean? I’m talking about the life that we can have through Jesus Christ. The Youth Ministry is all about helping teens to discover this life.  So we work really hard to help teens understand the word of God, and find ways to train and encourage each other to live what we know. Head knowledge doesn’t do any good if we don’t believe it, understand it, or live it.

Come as you are

If you have to put on a false face to go to church, then you aren’t really
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helping yourself or anyone else. We’re real people, and we hang out like real people. Wear a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, go preppy, hipster, grunge, or emo, we don’t care. Come with ink on your arms, gauges in your ears, clean-shaven or stubbly, with makeup or without.

Just be yourself when you come, but be ready to be a little better when you leave.