Here’s just a small part of what we do here at East Tipp.
There were many wonderful opportunities throughout the year
that gives us a chance to touch lives, laugh with friends,
and be the hands and feet of Jesus! 
We’d love to have you join us; so come visit and see what great things are happening at East Tipp Baptist Church!

Lord’s Supper Table


The ETBC Bell chior lead by Patsy Moore preformed at Easter. Here is part of there performabce.
Our children Chime chior also lead by Patsy More preformed on Easter. Please watch and listen to what a great job they did.
The week of June 25th we had VBS and had a great turn out. The kids had a great time and I think the workers did too. Here are just a few picture of VBS.
On August 12th we had a Men’s breakfast, here are a few pictures.
Thursday August 17 we provoded meals for the Transitional House. Here are a few pictures: