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History of East Tipp Baptist Church


In October of 1975 a small group of Southern Baptists began holding Bible Studies in the old Fairview Community Center; located just a few miles from our current property. In January of 1976 the congregation was formally organized as a Fairview Mission, with 17 people and Brother Ernie Dozier as Pastor.

On October 3, 1976; our 1 year anniversary; Fairview Mission officially became East Tipp Baptist Church. On that same day a special constitutional service was held with  guest speaker Brother C E Wylie and special music by Brother J P Skinner.

Soon the congregation outgrew the Fairview Community Center, and on May 6, 1977 they purchased the Church’s current location on 5.2 acres.
The first year would prove to be  a time of great changes and growth for the young church. Shortly after the purchase, in June 1977, the very first Vacation Bible School was held with an enrollment of 88 children. Exactly one year later, we began construction on  the first official church building; taking almost 6 months to complete. On October 4th of that same year, Brother Ernie Dozier resigned as Pastor of East Tipp. But  by the time January 1979 was here, the new building was completed and Brother Bob Golden was called to be the new Pastor. On January 7, 1979 the first sermon in our  new building was held. Later on in April, we held a special dedication service for the new building with guest speakers and live music.
In 1989 a loan of $270,000 was taken out for a new expansion to the church.
With God’s  help and  with the generosity of the congregation we were able to pay the loan off on November 16th 2014, PRAISE GOD!!