As a church, we are committed to serving others…

but service comes in all shapes and sizes.

  • Sometimes service is glamorous and inspiring to many people at a time.
  • Sometimes service is tangible reaching one life at a time.
  • Sometimes service is unnoticed, behind the scenes, and subtly makes life better for people who may never know.

In all cases, the Bible word for “service” is “ministry” and when we use it around East Tipp, we are talking about anytime a person takes God’s blessings and turns them around to bless others.

What blessing has God given to you? Don’t be shy. Whatever God has given to you is a blessing that gets multiplied over and over when you employ it to the benefit of others.

When a heart of service grows in you and develops way past niceness into mission… that’s the ultimate ministry. However, most of the time, you won’t discover your ultimate ministry until you try a number of different service opportunities.

That’s why we have a few easy-access service opportunities for you, but the easiest is to jump into a Welcome Team.

The Welcome Team

As a church, our best chance to bless someone comes on Sundays when we gather together for worship, so your best chance to become a blessing to someone else is to join in welcoming others to church. Now, of course, there are things you can do to serve all throughout the week, but why not start where it’s easiest? On Sundays.

Other Opportunities

Of course, there are other opportunities on Sunday that take a little more work, preparation, or time, but are for those reasons even more rewarding. We’d love to have you explore a potential ministry opportunity in one of these areas:
  • Children’s Church
  • Youth
  • Music
  • A/V team
If you fill God is leading you in one of these ministries please contact the church. We would love to talk to you.