At East Tipp we believe that the young adults are an important part of our church life. Our goal is to build a community of spiritual friendships that celebrates grace and engages life together in the name of Christ. We strive to build a vibrant community that loves and serves. Our planned events, Sunday lunches, and informal gatherings will not include formal teaching times, because formal teaching happens every Sunday morning  throughout the month. Rather, our events are simply to gather young adults together for fellowship and fun, and to be energized for service in the church and in our neighborhood.
Starting  September 8th, 9 AM
Young Adults – Sunday School Class (Ages 17 – 35)
Fall 2019 Session: “Daniel for Today”
Studying the book of Daniel “verse by verse” will change your life and how you view the world around you. You will be strengthened to stand in a society that is becoming more and more anti-Christian. (Dare to be a Daniel) You will learn that the history and prophecies of Daniel are 100% accurate. This has been proven by secular history, archaeology, and the New Testament. If what has been described in the past history of Daniel has been confirmed, then you can be confident that what is foretold for the future will be confirmed also. Please join us in this exciting study of the 12 chapters of Daniel.